2204, 2020


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Pavetuf Back To Black Colour Restorer
Pavetuf Back To Black Colour Restorer
1 Litre Covers around 5-16 Square Meters

Back to Black is a high performance water based colour reviver and sealer which restores and enhances the appearance of faded black and dark coloured natural stone. Back to Black is especially suited for use on oxidised black and […]

1203, 2020

Pavetuf Jointing Grout on Porcelain Porphyry Vitripiazza

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Check out this video How to Grout Porcelain Cobbles for Driveways:

Paving Feature: Talasey demonstrate a small display using the new Pavetuf Jointing Grout for internal and external Porcelain in grey on Vitripiazza Romano Cobbles Porphyry Porcelain and cladding

1102, 2020

Block Paving and Driveway ideas

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All of these Talasey Block Paving products are suitable for using as driveways and can withstand vehicle traffic

The natural paving products include:

Fossestone comes in Sandstone and Limestone options including standard and mixed sizes
Baksteen, Clay Pavers Kiln dried in 7 colours – Size 200x50x65 to either lay flat on the bed or on edge […]

2501, 2020

New season Talasey Brochure Spring 2020

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Its that time of year when we get ready in the Landscaping world to go out with the old in with the new!
Click on the Brochure below to open:

If you need any free samples, please get in touch at or use our contact forms

2311, 2019

Why Choose Natural Stone Paving

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Why Choose Natural Stone?
The prominence of natural stone landscaping products over concrete equivalent is unrivalled as it provide a more beautiful and sustainable option.

Each piece of natural stone has its own unique blend of colours and tones unlike concrete equivalents where all pieces are identical and over the years aggregates start to become exposed. Natural stone is […]

1711, 2019

How To Calculate Paving Area

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Calculating Paving surface area

It’s a long time since we did this at school, right?And if you don’t use measurements in your everyday life it can be difficult to remember how to do this.   To calculate the square meters of paved area:

Break your area up into squares or rectangles and multiply the length by the […]

2810, 2019

Understanding and Installing Natural Stone Paving

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Understanding and Installing Natural Stone Paving

2409, 2019

Installing Resiscape Resin Driveway Kit

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Installing Resiscape
This PDF shows instructions on how to do Resiscape step by step:

2006, 2019

Laying Patterns

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1804, 2019


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Stile, Anno, Almare, Bellezza

If you buy quality Vitripiazza Porcelain Paving Slabs you will want to know that our prices are set to rise on 1st May 2019. So there is still time for Porcelain Driveway Slabs, Porcelain Paving Slabs and Porcelain Tiles to be bought at […]