204, 2019

Training Paving | Resin | Artificial Grass

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Why Train with Talasey?

Designed for everyone involved in the landscaping industry, from those installing products and designing landscapes, through to customer facing staff in the merchant world, our courses offer delegates:

City & Guilds accredited training
A delivery team made up of industry experts, who understand learner needs and the daily challenges facing those in the landscaping […]

901, 2019

Key Benefits of different types of Paving

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Types of Paving
choosing which paving to buy for your garden or driveway can be a mind field to some people, as the choice for which type of paving or even colour can be over facing but we are here to help make your decision less stressful and hopefully give you a clearer understanding of which […]

1409, 2018

Installation – Expert Paving Advice

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For expert advice on all Paving, we highly recommend a visit to Tony McCormacks website (link below)

this page is trusted by UK wide Landscaping companies.

908, 2018

How to Install Resin Bound Driveway Kits

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Installation Instructions for Resiscape:

Preparing your surface
There are a few suitable bases that the Resiscape system
can be applied to, including:

Tarmac is the perfect base for the Resiscape system as
it can be laid directly onto the surface. If the tarmac
surface is new, the system can be laid immediately after
the tarmac has cooled as long […]

2307, 2018

Tuscan Cragstone – Weathered Limestone Paving

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We just wanted to share the details of this classic paving with you, as the Tuscan Cragstone was recently purchased by one our customers in Malton, North Yorkshire.

Stuart was so happy with his Patio and his New Tuscan Cragstone that he invited his brother round to have a look, and he has just placed another […]

1407, 2018

Choosing a sealant for you Natural Paving

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Unlike most other sealants, the water based Pavetuf Invisible and Satin Sealants are unique and fully breathable, allowing efflorescence to escape, whilst preserving the look of the paving and acting as a barrier to protect it against staining. The Pavetuf Invisible and Satin Sealants can be applied as soon as the patio/path/driveway is […]

2605, 2018

Installing Porcelain Paving

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Vitripiazza Paving

Here is the installation guide for the new look Vitrified Porcelain from Italy… beautiful garden looks for the new season, clean lines with beautiful products that are easy to keep clean.

There is also an easy to follow laying guide below:-


Laying your
Porcelain Paving
Project Pack laying pattern
Each project pack covers approximately 15.3m2

Installation guide download 

1204, 2018

Pavetuf Jointing Compound

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Pavetuf Jointing Compound

How to use video

2911, 2016

Pavetuf Sealants

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Unlike most other sealants the water based Pavetuf Sealants (Invisible and Satin) are unique and fully breathable, allowing efflorescence to escape whilst acting as a barrier, protecting the stone against most elements and staining. This means that the sealants can be applied as soon as the patio/path/driveway is complete.
Lesser quality and cheaper sealants on the market […]

2911, 2016

York stone paving

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York stone is an old favourite
Recorded as being used since medieval times, York Stone Flags remain the go to superior flooring and paving stone product, highly valued for its characteristic appearance, our premium stone is reclaimed from demolition jobs around Yorkshire, this old faithful can even be enhanced by adding underfloor heating for a touch […]