Resiscape Resin Bound Aggregates

Resiscape is a resin bound aggregate system that is formed by mixing natural aggregate with a 2 part resin mixture.

The Resiscape system provides a low maintenance surface that is hard wearing whilst also being flexible and resistant to cracking. Resiscape can be used in a number of different applications including driveways, paths and patio’s and is designed to be laid onto existing surfaces including Tarmac or Concrete.

Our natural aggregates have been specially dried and are ready to use in pre measured bags.

Each Resiscape kit will cover a maximum of 4m2 a 15mm depth. This is based on laying on a smooth surface and does not take into account surface texture or wastage.

For heavy traffic areas a thicker layer of the product is required. To ensure the integrity of the system, we recommend a minimum thickness of 15mm. It should be laid at least 3 times the depth of the largest piece of aggregate.

Resiscape is supplied direct to site in 4m2 kits.

To install Resiscape you will require:

  • A 100ltr capacity forced action mixer as this is required to thoroughly mix the aggregate and resin These mixers are readily available on the market to purchase/hire.
  • A plasterers paddle and drill for mixing both resin parts together
  • Resiscape Spirit Cleaner & application tool

This is used to create the final finish and maintain the cleanliness of the tools throughout the installation.

  • A wheelbarrow, trowel and tamping/levelling bars

For a full step-by-step installation guide, please visit


Each kit contains:

3 x 25kg Bags of 2-5mm Aggregate 1 x 12.5kg Bag of 1-3mm Aggregate 1 x 6.25kg Bag of C50 Sand

1 x Tub of Part A Resin 1 x Tub of Part B Resin

UV Stable

Please note the swatches are shown wet and all weights are nominal, with a 5% tolerance.