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Firedstone 600x600x38 Dusk



Firedstone 600x600x38 Dusk

Firedstone 600x600x38 Dusk



Marshalls Firedstone paving collection has a flame textured surface moulded from original mason fettled flagstones. The light tactile finish provides an interesting and slip resistant surface. Dusk comes in mottled grey tones.

For more than 120 years Marshalls has dovetailed creativity and imagination, designing elegant and practical hard landscping solutions to enhance individual homes in towns and cities across the UK. You can rest assured that the Marshalls products are not only the best quality, they are provided in the most sustainable and ethical way.


Concrete Characteristics:

Concrete products are manufactured from naturally occurring aggregates, cement and binders, all of which are subject to colour and texture variation. Variation may occur between batches of the same stone. Some manufacturers include the pointing allowance in the individual slab sizes whereas others include the pointing allowance in the overall pack coverage. The product images shown are as accurate as photographic processes allow and may appear differently in accordance with lighting conditions and screen calibration in addition to the natural variation occurring between batches. Images may not be a true representation of a particular product size or laying pattern. Descriptions provided offer a combination of the manufacturer's and our own opinion of the product's features.

Manmade / Concrete Description:

Manmade or concrete paving is often referred to as reconstituted stone paving. It is formed using one of two methods: Wet-Cast or Pressed. When wet-cast, the concrete mix is poured into moulds and then vibrated to remove air bubbles. This type of paving is a higher end product with a fine finish and is often more ornamental with a slightly tapered or rounded edge. Pressed paving slabs are made with a semi-dry concrete mix and hydraulically pressed to create a functional yet slightly porous slab. They tend to be used for utility purposes such as shed bases, and where aesthetics are not of prime importance. Manmade paving comes in a variety of styles, some that replicate the contours found in natural stone materials and others that offer a contemporary styled smooth appearance. Some of the premium quality manmade concrete materials are finished with a 'stay clean' coating to simplify maintenance. The edge finishes may be straight, chamfered (slightly angled) or tumbled style where the paving is designed to look more rounded, aged or antiqued.

Manmade / Concrete Colours:

Concrete paving has dye within the concrete mix to colour the paving and will often fade over time, especially if cleaned regularly with chemical cleaners. The premium paving products tend to stay true to colour for longer than cheaper concrete paving and may include naturally coloured aggregates within the surface of the stone.

SKU CF4001000
Unit Number 22
Colour Dusk
Brand Marshalls
Range Firedstone
Thickness 38mm /-
Unit Size 600 x 600
Material Manmade/ Concrete
Surface Finish Flat - Sandblasted/Textured
Edge Finish Sawn/ Straight


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