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Luxigraze 27 Super Luxury Artificial Grass | 2 Meter Width


27 Super Luxury comes in 2m and 4 m widths, cut to size any length or full rolls of 25m lengths


Luxigraze 27 Super Luxury Artificial Grass 27mm

A top of the range, exceptionally lush artificial grass, Luxigraze 27 Super Luxury is a superior quality for garden lovers. Combining a dense deep pile, with natural looking multi green fibres, it is super soft yet super resilient, creating a luxurious lawn. Perfect for landscaping, gardens, schools and nurseries.

Benefits of Luxigraze 27 Super Luxury Grass product:

  • Is supplied in 2m and 4m widths, up to 25m lengths per roll
  • Can be cut to size (to the nearest 10cm) to suit the specific needs of individual projects

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