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Harvest Flagstones | Finestone | Project Pack



Natural Paving Classicstone Harvest Flagstones



Natural Paving's riven natural sandstone has the beauty of real stone to add timeless appeal to any landscape.

The colours and textures have formed naturally since time began which give each skillfully crafted piece its own wonderfully unique qualities.

This hand split naturally riven paving has hand cut edges.

Camel Harvest has warm brown and tan shades with occasional rose, grey and buff

This 600 series project packs is for the finestone to a thickness calibrated to 22mm
or look for the project pack for the calibrated stone which is a separate product, to a thickness of 24mm.

Please call email us at or call 01274 960612 for any more information

Additional information

Size if split down pack


Please note this product is for the 22mm not the 24mm as shown in the video.  Please allow for a longer delivery time at the moment.

Key Features

Single sizes, all calibrated to a thickness of 22mm:

Product Thickness
weight per
pack (kg)
coverage per
pack (m2)
Number of pieces per pack
Please note that sizes are nominal
900mm x 600mm 600mm x 600mm 600mm x 290mm 290mm x 290mm
Calibrated Project Pack 24 950 18.9 16 16 16 12
Finestone Project Pack 15 - 22 1150 22.2 17 20 20 18
900 x 600mm
Calibrated Single Size
24 925 17.8 33 - - -
600 x 600mm
Calibrated Single Size
24 825 15.8 - 44 - -
600 x 290mm
Calibrated Single Size
24 925 17.8 - - 102 -
290 x 290mm
Calibrated Single Size
24 1025 19.7 - - - 232


Laying Guide

Natural Stone Patio Paving Laying Guide

Download the Natural Stone Block Paving Laying Guide


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