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Natural Paving | Pavetuf Priming Slurry | For Porcelain and Stone



Natural Paving Pavetuf Priming Slurry

Natural Paving Pavetuf range Pavetuf Priming Slurry is a polymer and cementitious slurry,

Pavetuf Priming Slurry has been specifically formulated to provide an exceptional bond between a new mortar base and all types of stone and porcelain paving.  Here is a bit more about it in the below video which explains if its not used with Porcelain slabs the porcelain slabs may lift over time and the manufacturer will not guarantee the paving system.

Why use Pavetuf Priming Slurry?

Pavetuf Priming Slurry Application

Provides exceptional bond between mortar and most types of paving elements.

User-friendly – requires only the addition of water on-site.

Quick and easy application.

Excellent workability.

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