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Pavetuf Wall & Render Cleaner


Pavetuf Wall & Render Cleaner

Wall & Render Cleaner: A non-corrosive cleaner for the removal
of organic growths and staining for brick and rendered walls

To keep your paving looking spick and span all
year round, you can rely on our comprehensive
range of external use, Pavetuf specialist
cleaners. The range has been designed for
general every day use through to removing
specific hard to move stains.

Why use Wall & Render Cleaner?

  • It is a powerful and effective path, drive and patio cleaner that removes stubborn greasy stains and soiling caused by atmospheric and industrial pollution
  • It is formulated with biodegradable components
  • It does not alter the appearance or aesthetics of surfaces being treated
  • Professional quality product
  • Environmentally friendly

Usage - more details soon, brand new product!



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