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Piranha TerraFuzion Island Mist Composite Fascia Boards

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Piranha Fuzion Facia Boards



Piranha TerraFuzion Facia Boards

Composite Fascia Boards from Piranha. Complete the look with these highly durable edging boards to match your compsite decking. These fascia boards are made from composite material, providing a low maintenance and long lasting solution for any outdoor decked area.

Piranha comes with a 10-year warranty for domestic applications for Hunter and a 25-year warranty for domestic applications on TerraFuzion.

Also available in Mocha.

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FULL PACKS of 160 BOARDS, 4 Boards, 8 Boards, 12 Boards, 16 Boards, 20 Boards, 24 Boards, 28 Boards, 32 Boards, 36 Boards, 40 Boards, 44 Boards, 48 Boards, 52 Boards, 56 Boards, 60 Boards, 64 Boards, 68 Boards, 72 Boards, 76 Boards, 80 Boards, 84 Boards, 88 Boards, 92 Boards, 96 Boards, 100 Boards, 104 Boards, 108 Boards, 112 Boards, 116 Boards, 120 Boards, 124 Boards, 128 Boards, 132 Boards, 136 Boards, 140 Boards



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Piranha TerraFuzion Guide

Piranha Fuzion Decking Installation Guide

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