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Resiscape Accelerator



Resiscape Accessories Resiscape Accelerator

Resiscape Accessories Resiscape Accelerator - 1 litre can be used to speed up the curing time of the laid system if the air temperate is cooler than 20'c.

The Air temperature table below shows how much mixture to add

The resiscape accelerator can take longer than 24 hours to cure if not mixed with the mixture.

Resiscape Accelerator Addition Ratio

Air Temperature (°C)
20° Accelerator not necessary 17.5° 4.4ml per 6.5kg bucket/4mKit 15° 9.8ml per 6.5kg bucket/4mKit 12.5° 16.6ml per 6.5kg bucket/4mKit 10° 29.3ml per 6.5kg bucket/4mKit


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