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Vitripiazza Dolmen Porcelain Paving Slabs

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Dolmen Vitripiazza comes in four colours with lots of size options to create the perfect indoor and outdoor living spaces




Vitripiazza Dolmen Porcelain Slabs

The Dolmen range comes in a wide variety of size options and thicknesses to suit all areas of indoor and outdoor living. Create a seamless flow throughout your living spaces with Dolmen, our Porphyry style range of porcelain paving slabs and flagstones.

Dolmen is available in colours: Silver Mist, Thunder, Rosso

Matching Internal Options: Matching internal options available to order, please allow 3-4 weeks lead time.

Available To Order: Please allow 3-4 weeks lead time.

*This Product can be used both externally and internally


Additional information

Size of Slabs

3260x1620, 1200x600, 750x375, 454x225, 225x225

Number of Packs

Less than 3 packs, 3 packs or more

Split Packs

Split Pack Available

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Key Features


Single Size Thickness (mm) Nominal weight per pack (kg) Nominal coverage per pack (m2) Number of pieces per pack Colours
3240 x 1620mm Single Size 20 688 10.50 2 Thunder
1200 x 600mm Single Size 20 1167 25.20 35 Silver Mist, Thunder, Rosso
750 x 375mm Single Size* 9.5 1200 54 192 Silver Mist, Thunder, Rosso, Porphyry Blend
454 x 225mm Single Size 20 817 20.40 200 Rosso, Porphyry Blend
750 x 375mm Single Size 20 909 22.24 440 Rosso, Porphyry Blend



Understanding Vitripiazza.                                                        Planning and Installing Vitripiazza

Download our guide to understanding Vitripiazza               Download our guide to Planning and Installing Vitripiazza 


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