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Vitripiazza Gabbia Porcelain Wall Cladding

Vitripiazza Porcelain Wall Cladding with Free UK wide delivery, made in Italy




Vitripiazza Gabbia Porcelain Wall Cladding

The Gabbia range offers a modern yet rustic porcelain wall cladding option, ideal for creating interesting focal points with a contemporary warmth.

All our Porcelain Wall Cladding can be used internally and externally.

Available in colours - Coffee, Milk & Tea our price is per sq meter.

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Number of 0.96 m2 boxes needed

2 boxes / 1.92 m2, 4 boxes / 3.84 m2, 6 boxes / 5.76 m2, 8 boxes / 7.68 m2, 9 boxes / 8.64 m2, 10 boxes / 9.6 m2, 15 boxes / 14.4 m2, 20 boxes / 19.2 m2, 25 boxes / 24 m2, 30 boxes / 28.8 m2, 35 boxes / 33.6 m2, 40 boxes / 38.4 m2, 45 boxes / 43.2 m2, 50 boxes / 48 m2, 55 boxes / 52.8 m2, 60 boxes / 57.6 m2 (1 pallet)

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Key Features

Key Features:


We do not offer a specific installation for guide for the cladding. These can be laid to your taste as you would when you are for example tiling a bathroom, although we would advise that they use an external grout like pavetuf and a quality C2 tile adhesive.

Understanding Vitripiazza.                                                    Planning and Installing Vitripiazza

Download our guide to understanding Vitripiazza               Download our guide to Planning and Installing Vitripiazza 


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